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Gary & Liam
Gary & Liam
Don’t Budget. Choose your future!

Mint. EveryDollar. Personal Capital. There are a lot of budgeting apps out there.
But what if you could change your future without wasting time making budgets and counting every penny?
We all care about different things. Maybe sports, or music, or traveling, or having the newest technology, or spending time with family… or a thousand other things.
But what’s the one thing we all want?
The ability to do stuff.
Which stuff? Depends on you.
  • Maybe it’s the ability to lean back on the sofa with your buddies and some cold beers and watch the latest NFL game.
  • Maybe it’s the ability to treat someone you care about to a nice dinner and a movie.
  • Maybe it’s the ability to travel around the world and have daredevil adventures, without worrying about “what happens if…”.
To have the abilities that you care about, you have to build up your assets ahead of time.
To lean back on that sofa, you had to have already bought the beers — and the sofa — had an active ESPN subscription, and (let’s not forget) made some friends!
Every financial decision. Every budget. Every investment. They all boil down to one goal:
To have the ability to do the stuff that matters to you, when it matters to you.
Unless you’re Marty McFly, you can’t go back and change your past.
But you can change your future.
So why don’t we? Why do we keep making choices for immediate gratification instead of our long-term happiness?
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Don’t budget. Choose your future. | by Liam Butler-Lawrence | Candle Finance | Feb, 2022 | Medium
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Gary & Liam
Gary & Liam
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Gary & Liam
Gary & Liam @candlefinance

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